Eco Friendly Gift Wrap

Just in time for the holidays, I created a gift box that is recycled to go along with my reclaimed cashmere scarves!

The box is made from National Geographic maps, tied with jute and a reclaimed cashmere flower as a "bow". It was a bit of enigineering struggle for me, since the box is designed to fit one of the 4 1/2" wide scarves when it is rolled up. I wrap the scarf in white tissue before putting it in the box to protect it from the ink.

The flower is designed to fit over one of my skinny scarves to make it into a "bolo", but it can also be worn as a hair adornment over a ponytail, or as a brooch (just add a pin).

Fun stuff. You can buy them in my etsy shop

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Sweetest Petula said...

These are beautiful Heidi! Way to be.