Blog Schedule

Curious what the format of this blog is?  Here is a generalized schedule (I reserve the right to write whatever I feel like on the day I feel like writing it though - sometimes I get inspired and have problems playing within the fenced area), so please don't get upset if I go off on a tangent every now and then.

In general:
Sunday:  Green Day or Wheat Free Sundays
Monday:  Funnies, Goat Art or Other Famous Goats
Tuesday:  Buyer Beware or Cashmere Info
Wednesday:  Other Cashmere Products or Other Haute Goats
Thursday:  Sewing Machine Gadgets
Friday:  New Designs from me or New Stores to find me
Saturday:  Etsy Love (these are friends of mine that I ♥) or Crafty Business things

Now you know.  Use it as a guideline.