Phew, what a day!

So I woke up this morning and said to myself "Today is a sewing day!" Then I promptly sat down at the computer and wasted a few hours on the Lands End website, Etsy, Google (did you know that they are blaming Sarah Palin for McCain's defeat?), email, Etsy, eBay, Twitter, ...

Then I realized that I was wasting my time and avoiding actually working so I closed up the laptop and sat down at the sewing machine. Not bad, got 11 scarves made before hunger pains kicked in (it was noon after all). While eating lunch, my husband mentioned to me that he noticed sparks coming out of the motor on my machine while I was sewing (funny, he didn't mention it WHILE I was sewing). I then put 2+2 together (I'm a little slow these days with advanced math like that) and realized that maybe that was why my machine was sewing a little slow. I oiled it and let it cool off (yes, the motor was burning up). Then I set to work switching the motor with my other machine.

Now, what you have to understand is that I bought my Pfaff 130 workhorse about 25 years ago in a garage sale for $50. It has never been to the shop. I have reupholstered boat cushions, a rocking chair, made my prom dress, worked my way through apparel design school, and made about 25 Halloween costumes (including a vinyl fitted dress) with this machine. I LOVE my Pfaff! In fact I love it so much, I bought a 2nd one about 8 months ago at an estate sale.

Anyway, the "newer" machine (and I use this term lightly since the machines are about 60 years old) ran wonderfully and my trusty "old" machine was acting a little arthritic (with blue sparks apparently). So, I decided that switching the motor may fix the problem.

Alas, the sparks (notice the blue line in the close-up of the motor) are still there, even with the "new" motor and it is still moving really slow. I guess it's time for tune-up.
Not that that stopped me from sewing 6 more scarves. Ultimately it was a good work day.

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