Time to sew again

Ok, an early morning spent cutting up cashmere sweaters... here's the stack. Now to motivate myself to sew. Hmph. Maybe after breakfast. I discovered something new this morning though. I cut the cuffs off the sleeves of one of the sweaters (sometimes I leave them on, and other times I cut them off - especially if the cuff is so much narrower that it gives the sleeve a "blousy" look). Anyway, I cut them off and slipped them on my wrists. They are actually really comfortable - really soft, warm on the spot wear my l/s t-shirt ends, and the perfect size so they don't bobble around as I try to work/type. Perhaps I found something new. I'll have to add that to my list of things to "develop".

SO, a happy Sunday morning to you all. I hope you spend the morning relaxing with family or loved ones (you've got a phone if they aren't nearby), a good newspaper, a tasty breakfast & hot cup of coffee or tea. I will be in the basement sewing in what I now consider my very own private sweat shop. Maybe I will break for brunch... I think it might be a German Pancake day!

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