5 minutes of fame...

Literally, 5 minutes of fame. On Jan. 28th I left to run an errand and when I got home to putz around in my shop I had about 340 hits on that red scarf. Odd - I checked everywhere and found no mention of my shop... And all the hits happened right around 10:30am. Back to normal since.

And then I decided to check here again, and low and behold I found the front page screen shot that someone captured. Voila. Mystery solved. Look out Horatio Green!

Now I know, and now you know, so we can all have a good day knowing that we know what we know.

Happy Monday from snowy Seattle!

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lowellandson said...

Those kinds of mysteries drive me nuts. I had an item zoom up to over 300 hits and I still have not figured out why. No front page screen shot on Flickr. Guess I will never know, glad you were able to figure it out. Lovely scarves.