The 3/50 Project - save our locally owned businesses

I am a supporter of the 3/50 Project and I challenge you to pick 3 and spend $50! It's not a lot, but it will make a huge difference. Small locally owned shops are getting hit especially hard right now - and they are what gives our communities character. Show 'em you care! (and then pass the word)

Created to build loyalty and increased revenue for independent, locally owned businesses, The 3/50 project relies on a simple message:

“Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.”

• Pick three locally owned businesses youʼd hate to see disappear, then return to them.
• Spend $50 per month in locally owned businesses. If half the employed U.S. population did so, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.
• For every $100 spent in locally owned businesses, $68 returns to the local community. When spent in a big box, chain, or franchise, $43 remains. Purchases made online return nothing.


LoveMeKnot Creations said...

yay! good idea heidi!

KimcheeKim said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Heidi. We'll posting it on our blog too!