Once a turtleneck, now bikini bottoms!

I have been doing everything in my power to avoid sewing lately - but being guilt-stricken, I of course have to do something with cashmere (makes me feel like I'm still working). So, I decided I was going to "frog" or unwind misc. cashmere sweater parts that I have sitting around. Mostly turtlenecks, and I set my mom to handle the waistband ribbing.

The temptation now is to do something with all the cashmere yarn I have accumulated. I have been joking about cashmere bras & panties for a while now, and as I researched knitting patterns for bikini bottoms I found they were really easy (if you make them "string bikinis" the are essentially a flat piece). I modified a pattern to suit my needs and set to work. Here is the prototype, complete with crocheted scallop edging. Mmmmm... toasty warm AND snuggly soft!


kim_wilton said...

Hilarious! Just what you need from a bikini - something toasty warm. :)

They are cute.

- Kim

Emma said...

Those are cute!