Yummy: Goat Milk Candy Company

SO, as you may or may not know, I am allergic to cow's milk. No, not lactose intolerant. Allergic to the protein in cow's milk (casein). I am not however allergic to the protein in goat, sheep, water buffalo, or yak milk (ok, I'm guessing on the last one sinc
e I haven't actually tried yak milk yet). That said, I get really excited when I find things that are made with milk that is not from a cow. For example, at the Queen Anne Farmer's Market I found the Goat Milk Candy Company. I sampled quite a few things (I am researching for a blog after all) before deciding to purchase some fudge. If the fact that it only lasted about 24 hours once I got home is any indication - it must be YUMMY!

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