Etsy Love: JoJosef

Janet is one of my bestest friends. We do a lot together - mostly commiserating. We each have kids the same age (that would be the kids we gave birth to, and the kids we married). Our husbands are both film nuts and foodies - our kids are the same age. We both like the same hobbies, including going to thrift stores. We are like sisters that were separated at birth.

Janet makes needle felting tools. When you learn to needle felt, you use one needle. Once you get the hang of it, you quickly learn that it takes a really long time to make something with only one needle. Enter the felting tools at JoJosef. Janet uses comfortable handles and makes a wooden disk (adapter) that will hold any combination of needles up to 8. You can space and arrange your needles so that they fit the area you are working on. AND you don't need a screwdriver to unscrew the handle to get rearrange the needles (because trying to use a screw driver when you have 8 razor edge needles pointing directly at your hand is a really good way to get poked!). If you needle felt, you should check out her shop. If you don't and you are just curious what other trinkets she is selling, you should check out her shop. You should just check out her shop.

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