Etsy Love: Pepo Park

Pepo Park makes my favorite soap so far - Lemon Cilantro. Love the lather. Love the scent. And I love that Kim is a foodie and we can share ice creamery comments and chow down commentary. And I also love that Kim's mom lives in a part of the world that I have always wanted to visit - that just makes her even cooler in my mind.

Oh, and I forgot to mention her salve. I use it on my painfully chapped elbows, overly calloused knee caps (I played soccer goalie for years, and tend to do my artwork like painting kneeling on the floor) - and I have even used it when exercising to ward off asthma attacks. So I guess you can say I love her soap AND her salve.

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kim_wilton said...

Aw. So nice. Pepo Park loves Haute Goat, too. :)

- Kim