Look What's New: Insulated Recycled Cashmere Headband Earwarmers

My head gets hot in hats. I think it is a function of age - even though I am not "that old" yet, my internal thermostat seems to think I am. I also don't like the feeling of tight hats rubbing on my hair. I have fine hair and I get static electricity very easily. I used to battle with my mom about wearing winter stocking caps when I grew up in Denver. As a mother now, I see her point - my daughter must wear a hat on cold days too. But in the era I grew up, we didn't have fuzzy polar fleece and my mom never ponied up the big bucks to get anything other than acrylic. yuck.

So, here was my brain storm. An affordable alternative to those cheap acrylic, static-inducing, scratchy stocking caps. A cashmere headband that doubles as an ear warmer. Actually an ear-tip warmer, because I like to keep my ears uncovered so I can hear people talking to me. There is a thin layer of insulation inside to keep you a little warmer; elastic in the back so it fits on big heads like mine; and the outside is made of über-soft 100% cashmere (which is 8 times warmer than wool). I make them with or without the appliquéd flower - the "without" version is reversible.

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