Look What's New: Recycled Cashmere Blankets

I've been collecting 100% cashmere woven scarves for quite a while when I see them at Goodwill. Somehow I can't bear to let them just hang there on the rack with all that acrylic. I had the intention of either making a dress or a blanket out them, but somehow I procrastinated (no surprise there). Well, in comes my daughter who asks to sleep with my cashmere sweater every night, because it is so soft to snuggle with (her cashmere plushies have too many seams and are therefore not as snuggly). So, now the motivation was there (mostly because I didn't want her drool all over my sweater).

Luckily I had enough scarves to make a pink & purple one for her, and then low-and-behold a tan, red & black one for me. I still have enough left to make at least one more blanket (I told you I've beeen collecting for a while!).

Here are the two I made. They are each about 40" wide and about 55" long. On my daughters, I made one edge without fringe since she sleeps with it. I also appliqu├ęd some hearts onto her blanket, because 1) she's a girl and girls like hearts and 2) there were some small holes and a stain that I needed to cover up. Her's has been washed in the washing machine & dried in the dryer on normal settings already and they came out fine.

I hope to make more to sell. We'll see if I can find more woven scarves - the trick is to weed through all the fake cashmere to find them...


kim_wilton said...

Those look awesome!
I really want one.

- Kim

Haute Goat Reclaimed Cashmere said...

They are awesome Kim - very light weight - INCREDIBLY soft - and just the right amount of warmth, even in summer!