Other Goats: Goat Beer

I stumbled up a Dopple Bock Beer at the grocery store and noticed that it has goats on the label. Hmmm, I said to myself (I often say that to myself because I never know what else to say). Hmmm, I said, I wonder what Dopple Bock actually means - does it mean 2 goats? Dopple Bock beer is actually a strong German lager, in case you didn't know. It's actually a "meal in a glass" and often drunk by monks when they are fasting for Lent (I find this particularly funny, since it is ok to be drunk on beer but you can't eat for religious reasons. Makes me proud of my German heritage!)

Anyway, back to beer and goats. After some research, I found multiple references to goats and breweries:
Smoking Goat (Laffayette, LA)
Goat's Leap IPA - Cheddar Ales (UK)
Scape Goat Beer - Big Sky Brewing Co. (Missoula, MT)
Mountain Goat Brewery (Australia)
Horny Goat Brewing Co (WI)

and here's a list of a few breweries that make Bock and Dopple Bock beers:
Celebrator Doppelbock - Ayinger Brewery
Spatenbräu Bock
Lowenbräu Bock
lde Towne Bock Beer (Newark, OH)
The Buckeye Brewing Co. Bock Beer (Toledo, OH)

AND, Dorada Beer (from the Canary Islands) had an ad campaign in 2004 by
Ivan de Dios that starred a goat:

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