Yummy: Cashmere Wine

"Cashmere is one of the most precious gifts of nature. It evokes quality, luxuriousness, and something that is a labor of love to produce. Our Cashmere is a silky and wonderful blend of Mourvèdre, Grenache, and Syrah. Just as with the processing of cashmere, the production of these meticulously farmed grapes and the blending of the components that result in this wine is something achieved only with extraordinary time and skill. Enjoy with foods and friends of distinction. Cline Cellars is a proud sponsor of Breast Cancer Network of Strength's Ride to Empower." ~from Cline Vineyard's website
My husband originally bought this because it said CASHMERE on the label. We ended up liking it, and we continue to buy it and drink. It's a nice everyday wine. Cork'd gave it a score of 91/100. I can't argue. We've been buying it at Costco.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! We love the Cashmere, too. It's a great wine, and aptly named we think. Smooth, warm and delicious!

Thought you might also want to know that we use goats (and sheep) here at the winery to do some of our weeding. We just let them graze the vineyards (before they start growing for the season), chomping away.