Etsy Love: GlassElements

Ok, all I can say is I love Marja's work. The fused glass jewelry she sells in GlassElements is just incredible. So incredible in fact, that in a rare feat I made an impulse purchase at the EtsyRain Fall Craft Show last year and bought this necklace in teal, then proceeded to wear it around for the rest of the day. That's rare - I don't buy much at our own craft shows, I rarely buy jewelry and I rarely wear necklaces. This one just seems to suit me. I wear it alot.
Oh, and did I mention Marja is a ton of fun to be around (probably has something to do with her being a scientist turned artist) - and she teaches glass classes at Pratt!

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Marja aka Glass Elements said...

That piece was definitely meant for you! It looked perfect with your new dress, too, if I can be so modest. :)

Thank you for the Etsy love - Glass Elements loves your right back, Haute Goat!