Etsy Love: TakoFibers

While I was at UCU (Urban Craft Uprising) in July, I happened upon TakoFiber's booth selling crewel embroidery kits. Not the big involved ones that I remember my mom buying when I was child, but cute little ones - projects that could be finishhed in a day if you were focused. I noticed that there was a sample laying on the table with French Knots stitched onto it, and since I am recently enamored with this stitch - becuase of this recent post on Craft magazine's blog - I decided to stop and ask a few questions, like how do you do a French Knot.
I tried a while ago to learn by following the black & white photo instructions in a 1970's embroidery book, but alas I was failing miserably. So, having a living, breathing embroidery enthusiast to explain the steps to me seemed like a logical solution. And it was. Emily walked me through the steps, showing me how easy it really is. I decided to buy a kit from her - so I could practice and hopefully get distracted by something new... which I did... and I am now addicted. The finished photo above is from Emily's website - my pin has a pink background and a rainbow.

I am now experimenting with using cashmere yarn on cashmere fabric. I made these little 1 1/2" round pins. Still working out the details - and enjoying every minute of it.

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