Favorite Gadgets: Elastic Wizard

I bought the Bonfit Elastic Wizard online - only to find out it was back-ordered. I waited only to find out the supplier did not have them in stock. I got annoyed and searched the internet for another source to no avail. I cancelled my order and watched eBay. One day while trolling etsy, I ran across click4crafts - who had one listed. I purchased it and in less than a week I had it in hand - JOY!

I tried it out today and learned that it isn't as straight forward as they would like you to believe. After much trial and error, here is what I learned:
  1. Start by putting the metal presser foot on, without the plastic clamp, and lower the needle into the elastic & fabric to hold the end of the elastic in place.
  2. Now put the plastic clamp on and thread the other end of the elastic into it, then adjust the tension on it.
  3. Don't hold the elastic while sewing - that's kind of the point of the attachment, to be able to sew "hands free".
  4. It's not going to be precise, so don't use it where you need precision. It works great if you are not working in a tight space - leave 1/8" at least for error. The elastic floats a bit under the presser foot, so to get a very straight line will take a lot of practice and patience.
I haven't figured out how to use it on cashmere yet - sewing on sweaters is a whole different ball game. All-in-all I like the idea of it, but I can see I need alot more time practicing and getting my machine adjusted (my Brother zigzags slightly left of center and the Elastic Wizard feeds the elastic down the center). I also want to work with ribbon and ric-rac with the wizard.

And as an FYI - they make REAL elasticator feet for some newer sergers. This foot is much sturdier than the Elastic Wizard, and I suspect it feeds the elastic straighter. I bought the Elastic Wizard to use on my regular, low-shank sewing machine. Ultimately I would like to find someone that welds that can weld a low-shank shank onto this foot for me, so that I can use this on my old Pfaff! (If you know of someone, send 'em my way!)

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