Favorite Gadgets: Sewing Organizer

I bought myself one of these organizers so I could sew in the car while I am playing "soccer mom" (which in my case is not really soccer mom, but really dance & drama mom).

It's a great way to keep all of your sewing supplies together, both while it is rolled up and ready for transport; but also when it is unrolled and on the arm of your chair or hanging over the car door in my case. I actually unroll the window and hang the organizer over my car door (through the open window) when it isn't raining - when it is raining, it rests over my thigh.  

There is a place to put needles, a pocket for scissors, a pop-out trash bin, elastic bungees to hold spools of thread, and pockets for a ripper and a pen.

You'll notice the nifty clasp on the strap that holds it together when it is closed up - it's from a cat collar - isn't that clever?

Very handy! You can buy 'em at flossieblossoms on etsy.

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