Favorite Gadgets: Spring Loaded Scissors

Ok, if you don't have a pair of these, you MUST get some! This is the greatest invention since sliced bread. I remember in Apparel Design school getting sore hands from all the cutting we did. It's amazing how many muscles are in your hands (somewhere between 11 and 25, depending on which unreliable online source you check out) - and how sore those muscles can get by just a simple squeezing motion done repetitivly with varying amounts of friction over several hours. Well, had I had these magic scissors, I can only imagine that my hands would not have been sore at all. The spring does much of the work. It also helps that the handles are ergonomic and don't rub blisters on your fingers & thumb - and the blade is long and sharp... Either way, if you don't have a pair, ask for one for your Birthday - it's worth it!

I bought mine at JoAnn Fabrics. I noticed that they don't have these snazzy pink ones on their website, but here is a pair of Fiskars Titanium scissors that are similar.

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