Just when you thought you had it straight....

Just as a quick review for when you are reading fabric labels:

  • Angora comes from a rabbit.
  • Angora goats produce mohair.
  • Cashmere also comes from a goat.
  • Wool comes from a sheep.
  • Merino wool comes from a merino sheep.
  • Angora wool is the same as angora (and comes from a rabbit).
  • Cashmere wool is the same as cashmere (and comes from a goat).
  • Cashmere merino wool doesn't exist.
  • Possum is from the Australian Brush-tailed possum (not the Virginia Opossum that is a varmint 'round here).
  • Qiviut comes from a musk ox.
  • Camel hair comes from a camel.
  • Alpaca comes from an alpaca (looks like a llama but isn't one).
  • Guanaco and Vicuna comes from a guanaco and vicuna respectively (again, they are not llamas).
  • William Windsor is a cashmere goat that was in the British army until 2009 when he retired.
  • Silk, although listed as an animal fiber, is not a hair like the rest listed above. It is a fiber spun by moth caterpillars to form cocoons.

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