Other Cashmere: my favorite socks

bella argyle cashmere socksThese are my favorite socks. My husband and daughter picked them out for me for Christmas. They aren't 100% cashmere, but they do have some cashmere in them - if they were 100% they wouldn't last long (cashmere is really weak and one would get heel & toe holes really fast). I wanted another pair for my birthday (which is in June), but they are considered a "winter sock" at Nordstrom, so they don't sell them right now. I did find them online here though!


Avi said...

Is this a hint I should buy you some more before Nordy's starts stocking them again ?


Haute Goat Reclaimed Cashmere said...

that's just a hint that yet again you found the perfect gift. [but if you wanted to buy me some more, I wouldn't return them]