Scavenger Hunt - Re-Inspirations in Atlanta

And now we move the Great Reclaimed Cashmere Scavenger Hunt to Atlanta, Georgia! Re-Inspirations in Atlanta just received a package of Haute Goat scarves & other goodies. Photos of at least one of the things are can be found on my FlickR page. Go to the FlickR page, and then to the store in Atlanta and tell me what it is!

Re-Inspiration Store sounds like fun:
Located in the heart of Atlanta’s thriving Westside Design District next to the iconic Forsyth Fabric, the Re-Inspiration Store is putting a unique spin on the traditional retail experience. The Re-Inspiration Store combines art, recycling and affordability in a retail store with a special emphasis on items made in Georgia, by local artisans, with recycled materials.
To make the environment even more unique, the Re-Inspiration Store is an interactive store that combines art classes, space to recreate your own old items and an Inspiration Lounge to spark your creativity! We encourage everyone to come hang out on the “Orange Couch,” peruse the many books in our library and recreate something that was otherwise destined for a landfill!"

Re-Inspiration Store | 810 Huff Road | Atlanta GA 30318

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