If I didn't work from home...

Long gone are the days when I had cubicle walls for privacy - now my desk is in the open, my back to the main thoroughfare through the house - right smack in the middle of everything.  I dream of the day when I can work at my computer without someone walking up behind me and reading over my shoulder.  So, in honor of all you lucky souls who don't realize how lucky you are to have cubicle walls, here are some things I would bring with me if I ever go back to work in an office...

Extreme Office Crafts by Jimmy Knight & Tom Chalmers:  something to occupy my time (and decorate, multi-tasking = efficiency - killing two birds with one stone and therefore ultimately saving my new employer money).

Cube Chic by Kelley L. Moore:  While we are on the topic of decorating, page 10, Garden Cube.  It speaks to the inner botanist in me, making me calm, relaxed and ultimately more productive.

SquiggleChick Lanyards:  And, because if I'm wearing a badge, I'm accessorizing it - no boring, drab plastic for me!  This could only benefit my employer because I would actually wear my badge instead of forgetting at home - saving the poor security guard from doing unnecessary background checks and freeing up time for more important things like... whatever it is they are supposed to be doing when they aren't dealing with employees who are oblivious to their own stupidity.

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