Other Goats: Mountain Goat vs. Man

So there was some sad news in the Seattle PI and also in the Seattle Times newspapers last week about a mountain goat turned bad (it was subsequently picked up by BBC also - so we hit the big time!).  Apparently the goat just had a mean streak in him and he took it out on humans.  One unfortunate hiker innocently tried to shoo him away from the picnic area where his wife and friend were eating lunch.  The goat didn't like that idea and won the duel.  Ultimately the goat lost too, since he was shot by rangers.  Tragic...the whole thing.

Remember that animals are animals.  Wild animals should not be fed by humans, because it encourages them to hang around areas where humans are - we call them wild animals for a reason. They should not be dependent on humans for food or safety, yada yada ya.  You know the story.  And just because there are vampires in the Pacific NW that can control themselves around tender young flesh, it doesn't mean that real animals can.  (FYI, the vampires are not real, just in case you are wondering).

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