You've Got Mail!

In an interesting turn of events last week, I received mail.  Yes, actual mail - not the electronic form, but the real old fashioned paper-in-an-envelope-with-an-actual-handwritten-note (albeit, it is only 9 words on a Post-It note, but at least it wasn't typed).

Haute Goat fan, Peter, sent me this article from Nov./Dec. 2010 Departures Magazine about Brunello Cucinelli, aka "The Cool King of Cashmere".  Fascinating guy - lives in a hilltop medieval Umbrian town (Solomeo) of about 500.  In 30 years he grew his business from a one-man operation to a business employing 500 people.  Which makes me think...

I live in a hilltop "village" of under 300 (ok, it's a neighborhood adjacent to downtown Seattle, but you can't argue about the hilltop aspect - elevation 456 ft. - that's almost half as high as Solomeo).  I am a one-man operation - and I would ♥ to have 500 employees right about now...  although I maybe I should work up to that, let's say in 3 years instead of 30?

All kidding aside, I ♥ fan mail - in any form - although I have to say an actual letter in the mail that wasn't addressed to Resident or Voter made me grin from ear-to-ear.

Thanks Peter!

P.S.  I also noticed that he was written up in the New Yorker in March 2010

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