Buyer Beware: Merino / Cashmere

This is one that got by me - until I felt it with both hands while putting it in the washing machine. Yes, it has a label that says 100% cashmere. But upon further inspection, it also says Merino on the Banana Republic label. Merino is wool - comes from a sheep. Cashmere comes from a goat. They are different animals. It can't be both - impossible (must say that with a French accent). It is acrylic.

I will also point out, that although this label is sewn in, instead of being glued in which is my tell-tale sign that it is a fake, there is another clue. Under the label is the washing instructions. It says to machine wash and tumble dry. Now, it is possible to machine wash and dry your cashmere - I do it all the time. No store in their right mind would suggest a consumer do this - it is far to easy to shrink cashmere, and cashmere is expensive, which means there would be far too much $$ in returns. Every cashmere sweater & scarf that I've found has said to dry clean or hand wash / line dry.

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