Sewing Machine Conversion: Egyptian Singer on display at Allsaints Spitalfields

Ok, so I have to admit that one of my guilty pleasures is going into Allsaints Spitalfields and just checking out the sewing machines.  I actually feel sorry for them, knowing that they will never sew again, but at least they are admired for their beauty and not dumped in the landfill.  On my last foray, I spotted this gem - with an Egyptian motif.  It caught my eye, I admired it and photographed it - then got my hand slapped by a store employee because they have a "no photography" policy... like me having a photo of one of their hundreds of display sewing machines is going to hurt their clothing business - right.  So sorry, I won't take any more ;>

I am a little curious about how they got so many HAND CRANK [mostly] Singer sewing machines - did a factory go out of business and they have a warehouse full somewhere?  Are they stalking ebay?  Do people just donate antiques to Spitalfields House of Orphaned Black Sewing Machines (which of course are promptly neutered so they don't work anymore)?  What do you think?

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