Other Goats - Goat Antelopes

Did you know that the Musk Ox is a Goat Antelope?  Yeah, it's in the Family Bovidae, Subfamily Caprinae - just like the domestic goat (aka the goat you see on farms).  And there you have it for the next game of Trivial Pursuit - wait, does anybody play that anymore?


Anonymous said...

I did NOT know that!! What an awesome looking beast! Do you think their wool is harvested and used? Thanks for the fun info and pic. Hope to see you SOON! <3 K~
P.S. - Bob still plays his version of T.P. by saying "give me a dollar" when anyone asks a question that needs an answer!!

Haute Goat Reclaimed Cashmere said...

interesting you should ask - yes, the musk ox wool is harvested & used (I feel another blog post coming up...). It is incredibly soft - like cashmere. You might also know it as "qiviut".