Back from the Buyers Market of American Craft in Baltimore

As you noticed, the blog has been a little quiet lately.  I was working hard getting ready for the big trade show in Baltimore commonly known as BMAC.  BMAC attracts lots of east coast (and sometimes midwest and west coast) buyers from museum gift shops, galleries, and boutique gift shops.  I shared the experience with 4 other Seattle handmade artists - Marlo from Marlo & Natasha Studios, Kim from Pepo Park, Sarah from Tutta Lou Press and Alexa from Foamy Wader.  It was quite the experience, packing up a pallet and shipping display materials across the country, then flying out to meet it and set up a professional looking booth complete with carpet, walls and lighting!

I have to also say, that no matter how prepared I thought I was, having to look business-like in the 95º heat and 80% humidity still wasn't easy (but my hair managed to stay curled so that was success - thank you Bumble & Bumble!)

I made a lot of new friends at the show - the other exhibitors were very nice and a lot of fun.  I am still unpacking and trying to get things organized again, so I will post more trade show thoughts later.

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