Buyer Beware: fake scarves with glued on labels

This is a Public Service Announcement.  And just a friendly reminder for those of you looking for cashmere scarves in second hand stores, garage sales and markets this summer.  If the label is glued on, I would bet money that it is not real cashmere.  I have been testing cheap fakes*
that I find and not one of them turned out to be anything other than acrylic.  Who would intentionally put glue on a fine fiber?  Look for a label that is sewn on - it's at least a good start.
You can click here to see other labels that I found on fake scarves - some are knock-offs in the true sense, many are companies that only produce acrylic scarves but put cashmere labels on them.

I am still trying to find other consistent ways to tell cashmere from other fibers (particularly acrylic).  The microscope is pretty definitive, but it is not something you can carry with you to stores...  I will post more soon when I have reliable data.

Do you have any ideas?

*looking at the fibers under the microscope.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the goat is with me all day long. If you have matches with you you pull a fiber from the scarf, dont break it at all,burn it and smell. If its smells like your hair its at least a animal fiber. Now you need the right feeling in your hands to judge if its cashmere or not. Best if you buy good brands than you can be almost sure that its pure. Otherwise buy on our online shop from 01.12.2012. We producing ourselve and use only finest Mongolian Cashmere. www.cashmere-concept.com