Cashmere Info: This is how misinformation gets spread by the media

Here is a segment that aired on CNN in April 2006.  It is a "Show-and-Tell" by Jeff Corwin about animals in Nepal - the host is Anderson Cooper.  In the segment (around 3:44), Jeff brings on a cashmere kid.  Here are a few inaccuracies:
  • "This animal can be harvested for many years without killing it" - wrong.  It's coast can be sheared for many years without killing the animal.
  • "If you take a brush you will get this very dense fur off" - wrong.  You shear the goat.  You actually want the fine fur on the underbelly, not the dense fur on its back.
  • "This fur is blended with silk, and that's where cashmere comes from." - really?  wrong.  Cashmere is cashmere, it is not a blend.

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glam.spoon said...

thanks for the post! I didn't know how the cashmere was collected... but I like to think I would have questioned that reporter's statements! :)