Sewing Machine Fanatic: When a twist top will pop your top...

photo from NBC17 news
Just a lesson - don't twist the top of something that you don't know what it is.  In this case, it was a LIVE World War I grenade (they didn't have pins back then, they had a twist top) that was hidden in the family sewing machine cabinet.  

The machine was passed around a North Carolina family for 100 years.  20 years ago, a mother got mad at her son, took away his "toy" grenade and hid it in her sewing machine drawer.  (I have to mention here, what irritated his mother was that he was throwing it around the living room.)  The machine was recently given to her step-daughter who found the grenade thinking it was an old oil can... fortunately she didn't try to oil the machine.

Here's more of the story...

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