Natural Elements in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport

Photo by: Courtesy Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
I am excited to announce that Haute Goat scarves are now available in one of the first eco-friendly airport shops!  Natural Element, in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) carries organic, recycled and sustainable clothing, footwear and accessories.  You won't find any cheesy keychains or plastic tchotchkies, but instead designers like Green Label and Simple Shoes), Smart Glass jewelry made from recycled metals, ReFind handbags made using discarded leather and gorgeous, vegetable-based soaps from Estrella (another local Seattle artisan).

Next time you find yourself passing through the MSP airport, make your way over to the Mall between checkpoints 3 & 4 and stop in at Natural Elements for some quality shopping.  Think about it - you take home a "logo t-shirt" as a souvenir, or you could take home a recycled cashmere scarf!  Of if you are just getting on the plane, a cashmere scarf will keep those nasty plane drafts off your neck so you won't get a stiff neck (or a cold as my mother believes).

Natural Element
Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport
Terminal 1 - Lindbergh
4300 Glumack Drive
St. Paul, MN 55111

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