Meet my new model

Meet Polly (my daughter named her).
She's about 5' tall, has no hair, and fairly unrealistic proportions (if you ask Rubenesque me).
Her hobbies include standing around on 3 feet, hiding in small spaces, and modeling cashmere.
Her favorite movies include Nightmare on Elm Street and Disney's TheLegend of Sleepy Hollow.

She's made out of reclaimed foam core (it was a poster that was thrown in the trash after a hospital auction). Her legs/feet are a floor stand metal candle holder that I removed the "holder" from (bought it at Goodwill for $1.99). The best part is that she's totally portable. I took her out onto the front porch for a mini photo session. She needs a few adjustments still, like blackening some of the foam that's sticking out. But other than that I think she's going to work out really well. I think I will also create a clawfoot tub out of foam core - just because I really liked my real tub as a prop.

FYI: I am working on a tutorial w/ a downloadable "pattern" to create a dress form of your own.


Money Talks said...

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cinderelly said...

that is a great model for your scarves! i bought a mannikin (her name is zoe. (i am a fan of firefly and of lenny kravitz)