Where has all the sunshine gone...

ok, I accept it. I live in Seattle which has something like 277 cloudy days a year. Couple that with being at 47 degrees latitude (that means only 8 hours and 28 minutes of daylight in the middle of winter), and, well, there you are living in the dark, having to wear sunglasses on sunny days because your eyes are not used to light. I've been here for almost 30 years so I'm used to it.

BUT, I'm also used to a certain amount of light in my house. Our house has a fair number of windows on every side - north, south, east, west. Granted the windows on the north side of the house don't provide much sun, but they do provide some light during the day. The east facing windows face our back yard and they get great light, as do the west windows. The problem is the south windows. For those of you who are gardeners (indoors or out), you know that south is the direction that gets the most light throughout the day.

Enter the very large house that is being built next to me. So big in fact, it towers over my house... And it blocks out all of the light for my dining room - and bathroom. Now you say to yourself, no big deal - but it is! My clawfoot bathtub is famous for displaying my reclaimed cashmere scarves for my online store. It had perfect lighting, coming through 2 fairly large frosted glass windows that faced south. Alas, I have tried everything to recreate that light and have failed (thus my darkened photos in my online shop).

I am now moving outside to the porch. I just haven't figured out how to get the clawfoot tub out there!

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