Cashmere Eye Pillows!

I collaborated w/ Lindsey at Love Me Knot Creations to make lavender eye pillows. They turned out SO soft, I think anyone could relax with this pillow over their eyes! They have wonderful weight and drape - it's like giant adult beanbag. They measure about 4"x9". 4 colors available (blue, pink, yellow, beige).

The pillows are made out of 100% reclaimed cashmere, lined with reclaimed cotton guaze (from IKEA curtains), filled with wheat berries that ave been treated with lavender fragrance oil.

You can use the pillow at room temp., as a cold pack (freeze in a freezer bag for 1-2 hours) or as a hot pack (microwave for 30 -45 seconds).

Right now, the eyepillows will only available in the EtsyRain etsy shop (this is a shop of works by Seattle artists & craftspeople) - ok, right now meaning sometime this morning when the listing goes active, it's not quite there yet and I don't have time to blog later...