Let us give thanks...

I am a very lucky person. I have so many supporters - but I am like many other people and I just take it for granted. Well, fortunately for me, every now and then someone smacks me up side the head (or does something so unexpected) that I stop and realize how lucky I really am.

So, my most recent eye opening came from someone who helps open my eyes quite regularly. Brent is my favorite barista - now coffee shop owner. He owns Muse Coffee Co. here on Queen Anne - and he has rice milk as well as YUMMY pastries. That said, yes he is my caffeine "dealer" - and that usually helps get my eyelids moving - but more than that he is a genuinely great person. I met Brent a "lifetime" ago (close to 10 years?) and I have not once seen him in a bad mood. Not to mention, he has always supported whatever show or endeavor I was promoting at the time. Including, giving me wall space to hang my Norm paintings come next year.

Most recently though, Brent has helped talk up my reclaimed cashmere scarves, including blogging about them. To me, that was totally unexpected, but so appreciated. What a guy!

So, in honor of friendship and support, I decided to pass the karma onto other friends who have supported me and my business. Check out their shops, comment in the treasury - and buy something handmade this season!

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