piles of cashmere!

I love the display at Capers - there is a "pile" of cashmere on the dress form, right in the middle of the scarf table!

The first week the scarves were in Capers, they flew out the door. And even when I went in to replenish the supply, one sold right before my eyes...and almost 2 more - so close, but no cigar. It is very fun being part of the flurry!

And, one other thing before I go to get a cup of coffee. I had to replace my Goody Goody Bon Bon slippers today (I bought the original ones in Sarasota, FL). To my delight, Capers carries them. They are the most comfortable slippers I've ever owned, and the get SMILES from everyone who sees them (including me)!


Original Cyn Studios said...

ooooooooooooh those slippers sound great. I just might have to get some for Cmas. Congrats on the great showing!

Kayce said...

Those slippers are soooo great!