Just a quick little update for all my loyal readers to let you know what I'm up to. Other than the usual holiday festivities that were crippled by SNOW in Seattle, and a solo art show that is supposed to open on Jan. 2nd, I've been collecting cashmere and doing paperwork (well actually it's more like computerwork since who keeps a paper ledger these days?).

I am planning on re-opening the etsy on-line shop in on Jan. 2nd. Now that the Christmas rush is over, I will keep it better stocked (or at least that is my intention). December sales exceeded my wildest dreams - and I will start sewing in June for next Christmas!

I also have a few ideas in mind for new styles. I was hoping to do them this year for Christmas, but alas we were too busy just trying to keep up with the basic rectangular scarf. Watch for new designs. I will probably post them well before next Oct. in my etsy shop to see how popular they are before I put them into production.

And since I probably won't post again until after the New Year, here's my New Year's resolution (at least one of them) - I WILL use up all of the cashmere scraps in my office by Oct. 2009 - including any new scraps that are generated before then. I will try to post what I make, even if it is not sellable. Sometimes new "designs" work out - and sometimes they are just good for laugh!

Happy New Year all!

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