Baby It's Cold Outside...

Or maybe I should by singing... ♪ ♫ Day-O, Daaaaayyy-O. One day only in West Seattle. ♫ ♪
I will have a ton of scarves at Capers tomorrow.

* Forget to buy your Mother-In-Law a gift?
* Just got the email reminding you who your Secret Santa is?
* You have been freezing the last few days, and realize cashmere is really soft & warm?
* Need something to hide the jewelry box containing the diamond earrings?
* Your sister is coming home from North Dakota, and you have no idea what to get her?
* Oh, then there's the teacher, nanny, barista, mail carrier, secretary, son's new girlfriend, neighbor,...

All of the scarves are one-of-a-kind - and supplies are limited, since all material used is recycled.

Get them now before they sell out!

4525 California SW
West Seattle, WA

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