Girlfriends' Night Out Party & Trunk Shows

There are days when I have too many things to say - and so I don't blog, because I don't know where to begin. Then there are days when I know it is just best to keep my mouth shut, because someone can say it more eloquently than me. Today is one of those days. Cory at Sweet Petula has a way with words, (and displays, and soaps, and ...). Anyway, we are both participating in the Girlfriend's Night Out Party at Capers on Thurs. 10/22 - and her blog says it all - so read it here.

I'll shut up now.

Ok, one last thing. Northwest Hope & Healing is a charity with a heart. They support women going through chemotherapy for breast cancer with non-medical expenses (think transportation to appts., childcare, food, money, ...). AND, as if that is not enough, they offer Healing Baskets (free of charge) to women going through chemo for the first time. The baskets contain all the "essentials" to help get through therapy - things like herbal tea, hard candy, lotion, teddy bear, and notes of encouragement. Things that you don't realize are so vital unless you have eperienced chemo yourself. The Party Thurs. night is a fund raiser for them - $20 suggested donation, the store will donate $$, the vendors will donate, there will be lots of very grateful women!

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