Etsy Love: I Make Cute Stuff

Marlo is the best - jeweler, friend, mentor, teacher, leader, you name it. She is so much fun to be around - and she is so ENTIRELY creative. When we are together, we are always scheming and planning and coming up with new ideas. She "holds my hand" when I am nervous about business dealings and constantly reminds me of my worth.

Marlo is the leader of etsyRAIN, which produces several craft shows each year. I love working with her on craft shows. I play the part of her right hand man - trying to help her out where I can because she always tries to do it all on her own. I feel like my job is to enable her to do it all, by doing some of the background stuff for her. I like that role.

Marlo is a jeweler. She makes wonderful jewelry, like these comic book necklaces at IMakeCuteStuff. She also makes other things like Tote2Go double shopping bags from old sheets. AND she just started a new business consulting blog: Creative Arts Consulting

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IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

Heidi!!! I keep meaning to thank you for the blog love. Thank you SO much! You are the bestest ever! Go HauteGoat Go! :D