Etsy Love: Max and Co. (aka my Mom)

My Mom and I started this shop to "destash" some of our craft supplies. It has turned into an outlet for us (mostly her) to play peddler. The shop has random things listed in it - almost entirely supplies, and many of them vintage (since that is what she knows best).

A little background to support that last aside. My mom is originally from Germany. She grew up in post-war Germany and moved to what she calls "the land of gold" when she was around 20. She landed in San Francisco where she met my dad (also a German immigrant). She has always been crafty. I have some of her school projects where she was learning how to embroider, knit, crochet and hand sew in school (in those days, that was an important subject for girls). Fast forward to when she has two kids and a house with an unfinished basement turned enormous craft area. My mom canned, sewed, knitted, watercolor and tole painted - as well as led Cub Scouts and Bluebirds for several years. We made our clothes, Christmas ornaments, toys, you name it. There were always enough supplies to make whatever we could dream up. So, for all these years, she saved her craft supplies.

When we moved to Seattle there was no space for a big craft room and most of them never got unpacked. She is slowly making her way through the stash. That said, she is also one of my primary cashmere buyers - aka thrift store shoppers. On her journeys through the thrift stores and garage sales, she often runs into supplies and tchotchkes that she thinks will be of value to other crafters - like Scrabble tiles. If you are looking for supplies or just inspiration, check out the shop (aka MaxAndCo.etsy.com)

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glam.spoon said...

I bet it's like Christmas morning going through those boxes! Fun...