Monday Funnies: Goatee

So, I researched a little about goatees - the etymology of goatee after all is " from its resemblance to the beard of a he-goat". What I learned is that most people don't really understand the concept of the true goatee. Here are the styles of beards that masquerade as goatees (as taken from wikipedia):

  • The royale (or impĂ©riale) – a tuft of hair under the lower lip without a goatee, perhaps worn with a moustache, as worn by the younger Napoleon III of France - a Vandyke in English-speaking terms. While the royale was historically worn by French officers as a badge of military rank, it is not technically a goatee. It is sometimes referred to as a "soul patch" or flavor saver.
  • Tiered goatee – a goatee that has variable lengths of hair to create a multi-leveled beard. This is used to create some sort of distinction between different sections of a beard.
  • Circle beard (or moutee) – a goatee and mustache which are connected by hair on each side of the mouth to form a complete circle.
  • Rico – a very fine arrow-pointed goatee. It can also be worn with a soul patch. The soul patch does not connect with the goatee. It is worn by master cigar maker George Rico.
  • Chin Bush/Chin Shrub - similar to the goatee, but kept to a cleaner cut
  • Vandyke - mustache and goatee, not necessarily connected. Also known as a French Beard.

so a true goatee, from what I understand is jut the tuft of hair on the chin (not under the lip and not connecting to a moustache). In other words, Spock, Shakepeare, Brad Pitt, Freud are not goatee sporters. Uncle Sam on the other hand...

and just in case you don't have a goatee, but you do have a bad sense of humor - here are a few items I found on etsy just for you:

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