New Year, New Studio...

So I've been a little quiet lately (online at least), and I bet you've been wondering why.  I am in the process of cleaning and redecorating my studio space - and taking over more space :)

[photos follow of my photography wardrobe, so read on]

It's taking me a while, because I am a) procrastinating, b) a little lazy and c) doing it all myself - and moving large shelves, heavy boxes and tons of stuff in a small space that has stairs is not an easy task.  BUT, rest assured, progress is being made and the new studio will be better than ever - with breathing room for at least 3 people!

The first thing I tackled was trying to find a space for my new photography light box (check out the BestLigthStudio - it's the most awesome lightbox setup I've seen or tried - and it folds up into an all contained packet that measure about 20" x 20" x 10", including the light!)  Marlo at SmallObjectPhotography turned me onto the LightStudio and it has made a huge difference in my photos:

Anyway, we had this IKEA Mammut wardrobe (I have the old school one from 8 years ago) sitting in the basement collecting all the stuff that we were never to use (like my old wool coats - size 8, gasp).  I cleaned it out (into a large box headed for Goodwill) and set it up to be my new photography studio.  It works great.  The LightStudio fits ontop of my antique file drawer (which holds photography stuff like a dust blower, lens cloth, stick-um to hold up tricky things...).  The tripod and screen stand next to it.  And the shelf on top holds different colored back drops.  I even put a couple of chalkboard stickers on the door so I can keep my lists of what to do.

Here's some photos - so you can see how it all turned out:


kim_wilton said...

I love that you have that Ikea cabinet. I really liked their whole cartoony furniture thing they did. Super fun! And, your studio is fab. I should make one in a cupboard, too.

- Kim

IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

Woo hoo! Looking great! Nice before and after pics too :)

Haute Goat Reclaimed Cashmere said...

Thanks Kim & Marlo!

Kim, before you buy a cupboard, make sure it is deep enough for your photo box - the Mammut wardrobe was pretty big (that's why it got moved to the basement).

Marlo - we need a large object photography class now :)