Cashmere Care: Moth-Away Herbal Sachets

Let's face it - moth's go after cashmere.  They aren't dumb - they now it's soft and warm.  They don't actually look for cashmere to eat - usually they are just after the dirt that's on the cashmere, and since most of us don't launder our sweaters after every wearing (I know that because I buy ALOT of used sweaters and I see it), that dirt accumulates.

Other than actually laundering your sweaters & scarves, there is no better way to protect your cashmere from moths than to make it smelly enough that they don't take up residence there.  FYI - the CCMI - Cashmere & Camelhair Manufactures Institute - actually recommends handwashing to dry cleaning.  You can do that by buying a cedar chest or using toxic moth balls - OR - you can use herbal sachets.  Lavender is one major deterrent for moths, but my favorite is Moth Away.  Moth Away herbal sachets contain Peppermint, Rosemary, Thyme and Cloves.

I sell these adorable little reclaimed cashmere mice, each comes stuffed with either Lavender or a Moth Away packet.  They smell lovely, they look cute, and they're good for the environment.  You can lay them in a drawer or box, or you can hang them by their tail on a hanger.  They are for sale here in my etsy shop here.

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