Etsy Love: Sweet Petula Bath Products w/ a coupon!

[at the end of the post is the coupon code to get a discount on Sweet Petula products]

So Valentine's Day means to me - an evening at home.  I worked in a flower shop for a few years and it put the holiday into perspective for me (yes, that is me... a long time ago... my Mom surprised me, thus the stupid look on my face).  Poor guys (and I say guys here, because the demographic was skewed that way, not because I am stereotyping, it was just that way at Larry's Market in Oaktree on Valentine's Day), frantically looking for some flowers for their date (see there I am not assuming
male or female, just so you know that I don't stereotype).  Flowers on V-Day are...well, how do I put this delicately... over-priced and not always the highest quality.  That is not to say that you can't find good quality flowers on V-Day, but if they are reasonably priced someone is loosing money (flowers are purchased fresh from the wholesalers weekly if not daily, so the prices change as often - therefore they are always inflated the week of Feb. 14).  Anyway, I always offered to work V-Day because I a) didn't have a date and b) felt sorry for the poor souls that were shopping - oh and c) I love chaos.  Anyway, I digress...

Back to being at home.  What better way to spend an evening at home, but to take a warm bath with aromatherapy bath salts in the claw foot bath tub that you love?  And what better bath products to use, than locally made Sweet Petula.    Sweet P. is my favorite scent. 

Sparkling...Fizzy....Effervescent...SET of 3 Bath Tablets by Sweet Petula

 You can even light a candle for extra ambiance.

Milk and Honey Candle in Frosted Glass - By Sweet Petula

And if you aren't a "hot soak" kind of person - what about some Love Potion No. 9 shea butter soap for the shower?

Love Potion 9 - shea butter soap- for your Valentine - by Sweet Petula


As a special treat to Haute Goat Cashmere blog readers, Cory has offered to give you a 25% discount in her etsy shop!  Just enter the coupon code "Haute" when checking out (the coupon is only good in her etsy shop).  Thanks Cory!

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Tara Smyth said...

This was best if matched with flowers and be given as presents on Valentines. Oh my, I didn't think of it earlier but you gave me the best idea on what is necessary gift on our anniversary. It was very romantic. Good for lovers.