Sewing Machines: You never know what you'll find...

The other day at Goodwill, I saw this suitcase.  Everyone else just kept walking past it, but I (being a vintage suitcase lover) had to look inside...

...and boy was I glad that I did.  

Inside was a pristine Domestic 153 sewing machine, complete with all of the attachments, a buttonholer, 12 bobbins, the manual and a sewing book published by Domestic in 1947.  

Everything about this machine screams that it was well loved and cared for.  The suitcase has virtually no flaws (and doesn't smell inside), the wooden box that holds the machine doesn't have a scratch on it, and the tension was still adjusted.  All I did was plug it in and it purred, like a lion.  Not a kitten mind you, it has it's own unique voice.  

I think some of that stems to the fact that this machine is beltless!  Yes, the handwheel runs on friction.  Fantastic!  Love the new machine.  It will be up for sale soon - if you are interested, drop me an email.  Anyone who is into the 1940's & 50's should have this machine - if not for a primary machine, at least as a backup, portable or just decor.

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