What I've been working on: etsyRAIN Spring Show

I have an excuse for neglecting my blog a little lately...  Announcing the  
etsyRAIN Spring Craft Show

As many of you know, I am on the leadership team of etsyRAIN - and by far the most time-consuming thing we do is put on 2 craft shows every year.  The shows are open to all 1000+ members of etsyRAIN, and are juried.  There are 60+ vendors for this show - and we have a mix of all kinds of jewelry, clothing & accessories, bath & body, pet care, terrariums & garden, toys, art...  You will undoubtedly find something for anyone on your list (including yourself)!  

We learn something new with every show we do, implement it for the next show, and learn something new again.  The show has grown exponentially in the number of visitors, and our application process is all on-line now.  For this show we are trying a new PR & Marketing plan - and from what I see & hear it will have been worth the effort!  Not to mention, we received some support from some AWESOME sponsors - like the Stranger, ETSY.com, Caffe Ladro, Pacific Fabrics, Rings N Things, Art Camp for Big Kids, and Space to Create.

I am working on putting some vendor photos here on my blog (just to show you what a great mix of vendors we have) as well as some photos of the NEW items from Haute Goat.  Stay tuned... 

Come see us at the show
Saturday May 7, 2011
11am to 5 pm
201 Mercer Street (on the north side of Seattle Center)


cory said...

I want to see the vendor list!!!!!

Haute Goat Reclaimed Cashmere said...

Hi Cory - The vendor list should be on the show web page by this weekend. http://www.etsyrain.com/shows/etsyrain-spring-handmade-craft-show