Gluten Free Sunday: Jimmy Johns "Unwich"

No, this is not the sandwich I ordered - it is a facsimile.  Can you guess why this is not my sandwich?*
This afternoon we were out running errands today, and I was complaining that I was hungry but there was no fast food I could eat (not literally true, but I was working the sympathy vote today).  Jimmy John's happened to share the parking lot with Staples - and I remarked that if I could eat bread, a Jimmy John's sandwich would be pretty good... [get out the violins].  My smarty pants hubby said, let's just pop our heads in to see if they have gluten-free bread, what's it going to hurt to ask?  [yeah, the skeptic in me would've bet $20 they didn't have anything for me]  

And yes, I was correct, they don't have gluten-free bread.  But they do have the "Un-wich".  What's that you ask?  It's any one of their sandwiches, minus the bread, wrapped in leaves of iceberg lettuce like a burrito.  Ok, I ♥ iceberg lettuce - especially when it isn't cut up in tiny strips - and I could order any of their sandwiches this way?  SOLD!

It was pretty good.  I got my lunchtime "fuel" fix and I'm pretty excited about doing it again.  It was a nice alternative to the not-so-good gluten-free bread that I usually eat sandwiches on.  So yay! for my hubby who doesn't treat me like a freak, and yay! for Jimmy John's opening up a new avenue for fast food for me!

* if you guessed because there is cheese on it, you are correct. 

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